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  Battery plastic shell is the main business of HT Smart- Made. Our customers have strict requirements on battery plastic shells, so we have accumulated a lot of experience. Existing battery plastic shells are widely used in many fields, and can be used for special environments and special performance. , Special-purpose customers carry out in-depth special customized research and development to meet the individual needs of customers in different fields. Fireproof, fireproof grade requirements can meet from 0.5MM---1.5MM, halogen-free fireproof, with UL certification, can meet the requirements of export batteries, the plastic shell is safe, reliable, durable and the color can be customized.


1. Multiple varieties

  Battery plastic shells are widely used in industries and fields such as smart home, electric tools, medical equipment, intelligent security, transportation and logistics, surveying and mapping, industrial energy, mobile terminals, national defense science and industry, and 3C digital, with many varieties, short production cycles, and high quality requirements. High, fast product update iterations and other characteristics to meet the various actual needs of industry customers.


2. Multi-batch

  Undertake new project mold manufacturing, small batch orders and batch orders from customers. According to the actual situation of customers, the production form is also complex and changeable, including assembly production, multi-variety small batch production, batch production, continuous production, and mixed production. And mass production to meet the various needs of customers, and complete delivery with quality and quantity guaranteed.

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