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Development Process


Project Service
  • Strategic cooperation with brand manufacturers
  • Moldflow mold flow analysis software
  • Design for Intelligent Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Intelligent Mold Manufacturing
  • Mold assembly
  • Trial Verification
  • Injection Molding
  • Secondary Processing
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  • After-sales service
Strategic cooperation with brand manufacturers

  We are committed to serving our customers with the world's top new materials and products. In many fields of application, we can conduct in-depth customized research and development for products with special environments, special performance, and special purposes to meet the individual needs of customers in different fields. And relying on the strong research and development capabilities and high-precision production capabilities of brand manufacturers, the materials used have excellent high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-mold and abrasion resistance, waterproof, explosion-proof, and fire-proof, which can meet the needs of various batteries in different applications. Various needs in the application environment, with a global color library, can provide customers with high-quality personalized needs, and the product quality is consistent around the world.


Moldflow mold flow analysis software

  Moldflow mold flow analysis software is the best tool for plastic injection molding simulation. It helps us verify and optimize the design of injection molded parts and injection molds by accurately predicting the plastic injection molding process. In recent years, Huitao Mould has used mold flow analysis software to help Reducing the need for costly physical prototypes and avoiding potential manufacturing defects can bring new products to market faster.


  Our mold flow analysis engineers have 20 years of rich work experience and are experts in using mold flow analysis software to improve part and mold design so that it is at the right stage of development from the beginning, reducing time and cost across the board.



Design for Intelligent Manufacturing (DFM)

  Design for Manufacturing/Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is the general engineering technique of designing a product so that it can be easily manufactured. The basic ideas exist in nearly all engineering disciplines, and the specifics vary by manufacturing technique. This design practice looks not only at the design aspects of the part, but also at the production. In plain language, it means the relative ease of manufacturing a product, part or assembly.

  For the design, development and production of battery molds and plastic parts, standard DFM reports are used in more complex parts, and in the adjustment from the work of the design team to the work of the R&D team, where ideas become reality. Huitao Mould DFM report usually takes about 48 hours to make, including the following two parts:

1. Project requirements collection

2. Mold and parts analysis

Thickness analysis — determine wall thickness based on material flow to avoid excessive shrinkage or underfill;

Draft analysis - determine part parting line, add some draft slope to facilitate demoulding;

3D structural analysis - check if there is any position that needs to be removed, review and optimize the mold structure. Determine the mold structure according to the 3D structure of the product. In summary, the part is successfully released from the mold and ready for mass production; including:

             If you need to lift the action. If yes, please show the 3D dynamic effect;

            If slider action is required. If yes, show the direction of the slider action.

            If there are other accessories needed;

Mold flow analysis - determine the injection gate, including gate type, gate number and gate position; determine the pressure and time of injection molding and product deformation, fusion line, trapped air and other adverse phenomena.

Mold Layout - Displays the layout of the mold, a 2D drawing of the mold.


Intelligent Mold Manufacturing

  Our intelligent mold manufacturing system is a professional process, with an excellent team and advanced equipment, dedicated to achieving high efficiency in each stage of analysis, design and manufacturing, trial mold and injection molding production, and quickly realizing mass production.

Our intelligent mold manufacturing facilities:

Intelligent mold manufacturing:We have intelligent mold manufacturing equipment of well-known domestic brands.

As a mold manufacturing process:quotation, Moldflow, DFM, mold design, mold making, mold trial, testing, mold improvement.

Mold assembly

  There are many types of plastic molds. Even for the same type of mold, due to the different types of formed plastics, the assembly methods are also different. Therefore, Huitao Mould has many years of experience in plastic mold production and intelligent manufacturing. A series of assembly requirements have been formulated to effectively guarantee The precision and quality requirements of customer mold production.

  Carefully study and analyze the general assembly drawing and parts drawing before assembly, understand the function, characteristics and technical requirements of each part, determine the assembly benchmark, and finally fully achieve the quality indicators of the product, the accuracy of the mold movement and the various aspects in the use process through assembly. Technical requirements Assembly standards:

  The main working parts in the plastic mold, such as core, cavity and insert, are used as the reference parts for assembly, and other parts of the mold have assembly reference parts for preparation and assembly.

  Trim and assemble with the guide post guide sleeve or the template side base surface of the mold as the assembly reference plane.

Mold Assembly Accuracy

(The inspection tolerance of all parts of Huitao Mould before the next processing procedure: +/-0.015MM circulation, and the following points must be observed at the same time):

The mutual accuracy of each component, such as distance dimension accuracy, coaxiality, equality, perpendicularity, etc.

Relative motion accuracy, such as transmission accuracy linear motion and rotary motion accuracy, etc.

Fitting accuracy and contact accuracy, such as fit clearance, interference contact status, etc.

The wall thickness of the plastic molded part, when making a new mold, the wall thickness of the molded part should be less than the lower limit of the size.

Confirm after mold assembly:

Glue feeding system (hot runner, needle valve, nozzle, main channel, runner, glue port, etc.)

Action parts (inclined top, top block, slider, oil cylinder, air valve, etc.)

Ejection system (ejector pin, ejector block, inclined ejector, ejector plate, mechanical rotation, etc.)

Cooling system (water cooling, air cooling, electric heating, etc.)

Protective safety devices (hot runners, guide posts, positioning, guides, lifting rings, locking buckles, operation signs, etc.)



Trial Verification

  After the new mold is manufactured, processed and assembled, before injection molding, mold trial is an essential part. The quality of the mold trial results will directly affect the smoothness of the factory's subsequent production. Therefore, during the mold trial process of Huitao Mould, it is necessary to follow reasonable operation steps and record useful technical parameters in the mold trial process, so as to facilitate the mass production of products. In order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and troubles in mass production, it is indeed necessary to pay patience to adjust and control various processing conditions, find out the best temperature and pressure conditions, and formulate standard mold trial procedures, which are beneficial for establishing daily work methods.

1. Understand the relevant information of the mold:

Obtain the design drawings and product drawings of the mold, and analyze them in detail by the mold technician and mold tester:

Mold considerations (hot runners, air valves, cylinders, ejectors, sliders, cooling, etc.)

Product considerations (material, deformation, sticking, ejection, metering, pressure, size, shrinkage, shape, etc.)

2. After determining the action of each part of the mold:

The injection measurement setting is very important; (principle: the lowest first section is convenient for ejection measurement)

Detect size and weight; (compared with design value)

Evaluation of molding conditions; adjustment test of condition parameters +/-10% or more (principle: medium speed, medium pressure, special exceptions)

Mass production evaluation: (cycle, manipulator, temperature, air valve, cooling, appearance, etc.)

3. Mold test verification report:

Mold improvement items: (runner, action, exhaust, sticky mold, cooling, deformation, etc.)

Product improvement items: (welding line, lack of glue, shrinkage, burrs, step difference, size, etc.)


Injection Molding

  Injection molding processing is an industry with a wide range of knowledge, professional technology and strong experience. It involves many aspects such as polymer processing principles, production plan management, injection molding quality process control, injection molding engineering process management, injection molding workshop site management and safety production management. knowledge. Injection molding production achieves "safety, high quality, high efficiency, and low consumption", and realizing the maximum economic benefit of injection molding production is the goal pursued by the enterprise. HT Smart- Made injection molding production management must have a deep understanding of the injection molding production management system, data cost management system, quality management system and PIE management. It is necessary to design a scientific and feasible management plan according to the actual situation of the enterprise at the present stage. Only through a comprehensive Systematically improve the organizational structure, standardize the production management process, formulate injection molding process standardization and equipment mold maintenance management system; at the same time establish a correct work concept, and conscientiously implement the PDCA management method, continuously optimize the production process, and enhance the cost awareness of personnel in each position. In order to fundamentally prevent all kinds of major abnormal problems in injection molding production.

A: Organizational structure

  HT Smart- Made believes that the establishment of the injection molding production management system is based on the organizational structure, and the organizational chart and job description are extremely important symbols of the injection molding production management factory.

B: Production management system

  The injection molding production management ofHT Smart- Made is to constantly adjust and optimize the production management process to face the rapidly changing market and quickly respond to customer needs. The injection molding production management system also needs to be continuously refined to improve operating efficiency and reduce operating costs. The rapid deployment of new processes can adapt to the rapid launch of new services and the continuous refinement of management needs.

C: Quality Management System

  HT Smart- Made "Product quality is the life of an enterprise" Good products are designed, and good quality is produced. To produce high-quality products, we need to work together, be familiar with every detail in every link, and at the same time strengthen the control of every key point, forming high-quality products is the working concept of design and management; do a good job of science before mass production Prevent the occurrence of problems, strengthen inspection control and self-inspection work in mass production, etc.

  ① Standardization of injection molding process

  The production process is the core to ensure product quality. The quality standard determines the process standard. The injection molding process standard should be divided into injection molding process parameter standards, operation and packaging process standards.

  ② Equipment and mold maintenance management standardization

  The molding quality of the product mainly depends on the parameters of equipment, molds, raw materials and injection molding process, and the stability of equipment and molds requires us to thoroughly implement standardized maintenance and management of equipment and molds.

D: Injection molding cost data management / PIE management

  HT Smart- Made is based on data management, and the decision-making of production management is based on facts and data; ERP system is a very good data management tool. According to the actual situation, relevant systems are formulated to conscientiously implement the collection and arrangement of data, and the analysis of data , to ensure the objectivity and authenticity of the data, and provide a basis for decision-making and performance appraisal of production management; and to classify, count and analyze various quality defects according to the prescribed procedures, hold quality improvement meetings every week, and formulate quality improvement for major defect projects Plan (introduce PIE management), and carefully organize and implement.

E: Training Management System

  HT Smart- Made attaches great importance to: people are the core of the five elements of production, and all production plans are executed by people. When the plan is confirmed, the effect of the work mainly depends on the work skills and service awareness of the executive post. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a training management system according to its actual situation to meet the needs of the factory's development.

  1. According to the training management system, implement the person in charge of the training project, make a good training plan, and focus on tracking the training effect until the requirements are met.

  2. The training content focuses on the following points:

  Workshop site 5S management specification

  Workshop equipment safety operating procedures

  Workmanship guidance

  Quality Standard Management Specification

  Specifications for filling out production reports

  Job Responsibilities

  Perfect KPI performance appraisal management system


Secondary Processing


  Paint is one of the many finish options available for parts, offering a huge number of color options that may not be adequate with common raw material colors. Spraying also provides a fast, accurate method of applying thin layers of paint to difficult surfaces in the shortest possible time, making it ideal for small parts projects as well as complex shapes.

pad printing

  Pad printing is a printing process that can transfer 2D images onto 3D objects. This is done through an indirect offset printing (gravure) process, which involves transferring the image from the engraving plate through a silicone pad to the substrate. Pad printing is used in many industries to print on otherwise impossible products, including medical, automotive, promotional, apparel and electronic objects, as well as household appliances, sports equipment and toys. It can also be used to deposit functional materials such as conductive inks, adhesives, dyes and lubricants.Physical changes within the ink film on the plate and pad allow it to leave the etched image area to facilitate adhesion to the pad and its subsequent release from the pad to facilitate adhesion to the substrate. The unique properties of silicone pads allow them to pick up images from flat surfaces and transfer them to various surfaces such as flat, cylindrical, spherical, compound angle, textured, concave or convex. Pad printing is one of the many ancillary services we offer on behalf of our clients and can be incorporated into any part of your production requirements. We have experience printing on various materials in the medical, automotive, and home storage industries.


  Hot stamping is a dry printing method in which graphics are applied to a surface using a heated die and foil. This is one method of secure printing.

Bronzing process

  Hot stamping is a simple process:

  Mount the mold and heat it up.

  Aluminum foil is placed over the material to be stamped.

  A combination of heat, dwell time, pressure and peel time controls the quality of the impression.

  Foil stamping is a dry process and therefore environmentally friendly. It does not use solvents or inks, nor does it produce any harmful vapors.

  A successful hot stamping job is directly related to the quality of the original artwork. To ensure the highest quality reproduction of the imprint, the original artwork should be "camera-ready". The better the artwork to start with, the better the imprint will reproduce. The key to successful hot stamping is threefold. The first is to create fixtures to hold the part securely under the trim area. Second, fixtures must also position parts to ensure repeatable pattern placement. Third, the fixture must allow the operator to easily load and remove parts from the fixture.

Ultrasonic fusion welding

  Ultrasonic fusion welding is a technique used to permanently bond two pieces of plastic together. Typically used on batteries that are not intended to be opened after production. Permanent sealing means that the end user must destroy the battery to gain access to the internal structure. This ensures that the owner cannot damage it, adds the extra protection of patented and protected technology, provides waterproof properties, and provides a strong, smooth seal along the edges. At Huitao, we provide ultrasonic fusion welding technology services for any project that requires it to suit your assembly requirements.

Laser carving

  Laser engraving, also called laser engraving or laser marking, is a process of surface treatment using optical principles.


  1. Use the high-intensity focused laser beam emitted by the laser at the focal point to oxidize the material and process it.

  2. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material. Or the chemical and physical changes of the surface substances are traced by light energy, or some substances are burned by light energy, and the traces are "carved". Or burn off part of the material by light energy, so as to show the graphics and characters to be etched.


  1. Dot matrix engraving: similar to high-definition dot matrix printing. The laser head swings left and right, engraving a line composed of a series of dots each time, and then the laser head moves up and down at the same time to engrave multiple lines, finally forming a full-page image or text. Its scanned graphics, text and vectorized graphics can all be engraved with dot matrix.

  2. Vector cutting: cutting on the outer contour of the graphic. This mode is usually used for penetrating cutting on wood, paper, acrylic and other materials, and it can also be used for marking on the surface of various materials.



  Huitao Mould conducts business across the country and has many years of experience in cooperating with logistics companies. We are always happy to recommend the right partner for you. We offer home delivery on most orders, but if you have any questions or special requests please do let us know and we'll be more than happy to help.




After-sales service

  We can provide you with professional technology and sincere support at any time, and provide satisfactory and convenient after-sales service for all users. We hope to become your best long-term partner.

Our after-sales service is mainly divided into the following five points:

  1. We include the R&D team into the ranks of after-sales service to ensure that our customers can get professional technical support in the fastest time during the trial production of the project.

  2. From the date of mass production and delivery, if there is any objection to the goods, it must be raised within three days. The person in charge of HT Smart- Made's after-sales service will arrive at the designated place within 24 hours. Goods, but not responsible for joint and several liabilities other than the goods.

  3. The warranty period of the product is one month. In case of product quality problems during the warranty period, Huitao Mould is responsible for free replacement without any cost from the customer.

  4. After-sales service telephone: 0755-84694181, if door-to-door service is required in the Pearl River Delta region, the quality responsible personnel will arrive at the scene within 24 hours, and the reasonable requirements of customers outside the province shall prevail.

  5. After the customer purchases our products, the person in charge of the quality of HT Smart- Made will pay a return visit from time to time to solve the customer's problems and improve the service quality.



Quality Assurance

  In the process of internationalization and modernization, HT Smart- Made pays great attention to the construction of production process and quality management standardization. For this reason, HT Smart- Made has been focusing on battery molds for a long time since it obtained the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification in 2015. Provide customers with competitive products; continuous improvement, quality policy and purpose of providing customers with high-quality and satisfactory services, full participation, comprehensive quality control, effective implementation of ISO9001 quality system standards, and strict evaluation of all incoming suppliers And assessment to ensure that all incoming materials meet the processing standards.

  At present, HT Smart- Made has established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known suppliers to ensure the quality of products before processing, to ensure that each processing procedure and process meet customer requirements, and to complete the "electronic work instruction" before mass production. Product size 2D diagram", "product defect history table", "injection molding parameters and process table", the entire production and processing process is displayed on the electronic screen of the E-SOP all-in-one machine, so that the production director, quality assurance personnel, and operators can all do their jobs. Seriously review beforehand, which greatly improves the pass rate of products. For multiple strict quality control points, it is necessary to retest the product size with the help of three coordinates and 2.5 dimensions. For colored products, colorimeters and photometers are used for control. Full service available.

Our pursuit of quality:


A. Quality management:

1. Obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification;             2. Improve the quality organization structure;

3. Introduced a batch of new testing equipment;                                                     4. Conduct pre-job training for quality inspectors;


B. Mold quality control

1. Mold flow analysis report;                2. Mold DFM customer confirmation report;           3. Steel material certificate;        

 4. Formwork proof;                                 5. Heat treatment quality report;                                6. CNC electrode report;      

 7. Cavity inspection report;                 8. Mold assembly acceptance report;


C. Injection molding quality control

1. The first test mold report and samples;                                               2. The final mold test report and samples;

3. Injection molding trial molding parameter table and process requirements;

4. Customer seal sample acknowledgment letter and sample confirmation;

5. Issue the E-SOP electronic operation instructions;                        6. Plastic material test report

7. IPQC inspection report                                                                              8. OQC shipment inspection report

Quality testing equipment:


2.5 dimensions


Electronic magnifying glass










Hardness Tester


Pendulum impact testing machine


Melt Index Tester


Electronic scale




200KG tension meter




Falling frame


2T tension gauge

Common Problem

1. How long does it take for a quotation?

After the project information is collected, we will reply within 8H in most cases. If it is a combination of multiple products, we will reply within two days.

2. How do I know that my project design drawings are kept confidential?

We sign and abide by any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement with our customers, and we also have strict confidentiality policies in the factory, and we will never disclose any information to third parties.

3. How soon can I get the samples?

Generally, the time is estimated according to the complexity of the product structure. When the project is established, our engineers will reasonably calculate the estimated time according to the production and processing process, and give a production schedule. After the confirmation of both parties, the production will be carried out. Generally on time.

4. What drawing format is required for production?

Both 2D and 3D are provided, and if there are secondary processed products, ID renderings are also provided; 2D, such as: DWG, DXF, etc., 3D such as STP, STEP;

5. Can you provide product surface treatment?

Of course, the surface of our products has oil spraying, silk screen printing, bronzing, laser engraving, UV printing, electroplating, vacuum plating, heat transfer printing;

6. Which payment method do you accept?

Cash, wire transfer, acceptance

7. What is your biggest advantage?

We have been focusing on battery molds, with a professional technical team and quality assurance system.

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