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Change of enterprise name
Company News 2024-06-11

Dear friends from all walks of life

In order to further promote our enterprise development strategy and enhance brand competitiveness, our company has decided to officially rename itself asShenZhen HUITAO Smart Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd abbreviated as HT Smart- Made Intelligent Manufacturing. This will be a new milestone for our enterprise, and we are deeply proud of it. We believe that this will bring more opportunities and challenges to our future development.

HT Smart- Made Intelligent Manufacturing symbolizes that our company is entering a new stage of development. This change is a decision made after thorough research and multi-party negotiation, and is an important measure for us to accurately grasp market demand and future development trends.

This change is not only a name change, but also a signal that our company is sending to the market. Huitao Intelligent Manufacturing will further demonstrate our core philosophy and values, and drive us towards a higher level and broader field. At the same time, we will also increase our efforts in shaping the brand image to better meet the needs and expectations of customers.

We sincerely thank our friends from all walks of life who have supported and paid attention to the development of our enterprise in the past, and we look forward to continuing to receive your support and encouragement in the future. We will take this change as an opportunity to continuously innovate and enhance our own strength, providing customers and partners with higher quality products and services.

We believe that with the joint efforts of all colleagues, Huitao Intelligent Manufacturing will definitely achieve greater success. We sincerely thank everyone for their support and attention to our enterprise! Thank you!

Best wishes


ShenZhen HUITAO Smart Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd

April 28, 2024

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